The following list depicts selected use-cases for elasticLM:

  • Run license protected applications on (remote) Grid or Cloud resources using licenses from your local license pool
  • ASP outsourcing
  • Outsource application execution to an ASP using licenses of the local license pool
  • One ASP is forwarding large jobs to another ASP
  • Reuse of existing licenses
  • Use of Test licenses in virtualised environments
  • Provide infrastructure for freelance software developers
  • Aggregation of licenses from different license pools,
  • e.g. local ones, ASP ones or from a Broker to run an application exceeding the locally available licenses
  • License brokering
  • Local use in (multi-)cluster environments without Grid or Cloud infrastructure
  • Advance reservation of licenses, co-scheduling of licenses and other computational resources
  • Extend/Reduce license terms when job is running.