Elastic License Management

elasticLM provides a number of features for increasing the flexibility of license management:

  • Advance reservation of licenses – licenses for applications waiting in a queue are not blocked during waiting but guaranteed to be available when the application starts
  • Renegotiation of license terms during execution of the application
  • Local authorisation of license usage by the license server of the users home organisation - all authorization for the use of a license is done locally taking into account policies of the ISV, site-specific policies defined locally or user-specific attributes as e.g. retrieved from a Virtual Organisation. Signed and encrypted terms of a license are scheduled to the (remote) execution environment
  • An integrated Accounting and Billing System - allowing price determination and budget control when the license is requested
  • Own local licenses can be used in an ASP environment - Tokens created by a local license service can be used in an ASP environment. They can even be combined with licenses of the ASP.